Year Round Outdoor Living

May 12, 2020 • Awning Worx

Create a Unique Outdoor Space for your Business

Creative Outdoor Dining areas give restaurants, cafes and bars reliable consistent business all year round. At awning works we use Awnings and Retractable Roofs to do this. Apart from a light sleek structure our systems offer adaptable coverage from minute to minute weather changes. Stop heat when its blaring; Keep the rain out when its pouring or open up the night sky on a warm evening.

More “Covers” with Awnings and Retractable Roofs

The result is businesses have reliability of trade and booking numbers. For Restaurants, Cafes, Pubs and Clubs it is all about “covers”. The more reliable the covers and the great quantity means more business. They can more reliably improve the figures with the additional covers under an awning. This can create more business for the bar and kitchen. It is therefore easy to calculate the return on investment of an awning. This greater economy of scale through greater seating capacity mean it is easier for business to get over the breakeven and in to profit mode.

Awning Worx specialises the design and installation of custom motorised retractable roof system awnings to the Brisbane Area. We manage the whole design and installation process from end to end to ensure the best final results for our customers.

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