Vertical Project Delivery for awning installation

Dec 09, 2018 • Awning Worx
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Awning Installation – Vertical Project Delivery

Successfully delivering awning installation on complex projects end to end does not happen by chance. Anyone who has been involved in the execution of great projects knows it is not an accident that the best projects have the best teams behind them. If the project was also enjoyable amongst the daily, weekly and monthly push and pull of the various milestones and deadlines there were truly great teams enabling great communication as well.

Every project should strive to have the strongest chain of people with the paired technical skills and communications skills.

Project People who can see the width of the scope, see the details, check their egos at the design table and the site gate and look for solutions and collaborate will consistently succeed.

Awning Worx keeps these principles at the forefront of our project delivery. We want to work with the best people, the construction companies, the best architects and have the reputation as one of the best suppliers.

Through the stages of Project Creation, Design, Production and Delivery we are constantly striving to provide excellence in product and Project knowledge with communication.

Problems with projects, more often than not, happen at the start of the project and are magnified at the end. For this reason we pay special attention in the planning and design stage to ensure compliance to the specification in the final execution.

We work with clients firstly to ensure everyone is clear conceptually on the outcome and final design before moving on to the next stage.

Once the concept has been and agreed and the design starts to move forward we go into the design in greater detail to make sure our systems integrate seamlessly into our clients overall project design. This is not just a simple matter of supplying drawings but being confident that the design includes the critical design elements accumulated from decades of experience in designing our specialised systems.

For us it is important that our products are compliant with the highest possible standards of design construction and safety. Our retractable roof systems for example and the only systems on the market to comply fully with Australian construction standards

With good planning behind us and having put the customer in the driving seat in regards to delivery and installation deadlines we are in the best position to deliver a faultless installation.

Ultimately, the goal is to deliver the best projects in the most streamlined way in partnership with our customers and we believe striving for the highest-level technical delivery with the best communication skills will almost always result in the most positively memorable projects.

Awning Worx Specialises in the design and installation of customised shading solutions for all aspects of construction. These include, External Screens and Blinds, External Venetian Blinds, Retractable Roof Systems, Conservatory Awnings, Motorised Louvre Systems and Custom made Patio, Terrace and Pergola Systems. We deliver projects to Brisbane, The Gold Coast, The Sunshine Coast, Nationally and Internationally.

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Retractable Roof System Awning Brisbane
Retractable Roof System Awning Brisbane