Understanding Solar Blinds for Design and Construction

May 19, 2020 • Awning Worx
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Solar Blinds – Reduce Solar Gains with External Blinds and Awnings

Solar Blinds. Understanding Solar Control Leads To Reductions In Building Energy Consumption In Building Design, Comfort And Reduce Solar Damage. Solar Blinds is a simple solution.

Modern buildings strive in parallel for low energy consumption and open plan living and working environments. Very often they feature large open glass windows, doors and skylights. This gives an open feeling to the internal space of a building however it in turn increases the solar gain. Using external blind systems form part of the complete solar gain solution.

How External Blinds work

The introduction of  a external retractable solar blind system means the heat is stopped before it enters the building. This in turn helps in maintaining the ambient temperature. When solar blinds are combined with a HVAC system it becomes very easy to create a balanced temperature internally. This results in lower Air Conditioning Output. Hence in a building without solar protection the side of the building in the sun will have a higher internal temperature. Air Conditioning Systems have trouble balancing the internal temperature without solar blinds.

Take back control with an automated control system

To further improve building performance a central solar blind control system will track the sun and open and close the blinds as the sun moves on and off a building facade. With the major daily heat gain moments neutralised HVAC systems can run on much lower output to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature.

There are a number of Solar Blind Systems to choose from

Retractable External Fabric Systems or External Venetian Blind Systems can be used to control the heat and glare. Fabric Systems come in various levels of block out from full block out through to 86% blockout depending  on the design and function of the indoor space. External Venetian blinds have adjustable louvre blinds which allow for full flexibility of light and heat reduction.

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