Retractable Systems Delivering Profits to Venues

Dec 05, 2018 • Awning Worx
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Retractable Systems Delivering Profits to Venues

Outdoor Spaces have the potential to deliver patrons and more profits to Hotels and Clubs.

In the ongoing need for Hotels and Clubs to keep their venues up to date and attracting patrons the use of outdoor spaces has become a vital tool for generating business. Outdoor spaces are the most popular places for patrons to be when the weather is fair but their use can be limited by changing elements.

Venues can ensure comfortable all year-round use of their outdoor areas with the use of a combination of specialised outdoor products.

To control Sun and Rain retractable roof systems can control almost any sized outdoor area and can integrate into almost any architectural design. The retractable roof gives the full flexibility to keep the open outdoor spaces free and open when the days and evenings are clement. When the weather changes retractable roof systems close and create watertight outdoor spaces.

Where required retractable blinds or doors can be used to close the sides of structures to increase the level of comfort.

For the colder months integrated gas or electric heating can be installed to create comfortable spaces even in the cold of winter.

This type of high end engineered retractable solution is what Awning Worx’s specialises in. From Concept through planning to installation and commissioning. Awning Worx works closely with designers, builders and engineers to create shade solutions which have outstanding design as well as function.

Hospitality clients like restaurants, pubs and clubs should calculate the increase in customers and profits by have large areas covered by a flexible retractable roof system.

Motorised Retractable Roof Systems are a great solution for building managers, architects and Building Contractors looking for way to cover large terraces and public precincts when they don’t want to add a lot of additional construction to the area. If you are looking for system which provide waterproof weather protection you can look at Awning Worx’ retractable Roof System or our Fabric Tension Systems (FTS System). A lighter framing option is a Awning Worx Folding Arm Awning.

Retractable Roof Systems come in many different specifications and we have delivered them on apartments; houses; Hotels; Pub and Clubs; Major Sporting Venues and Stadiums; and even high-end Boats and Yachts.

Awning Worx are a supplier of Custom Shading Solutions so each project is viewed as unique and the most suitable custom designs are presented to our clients. We pride ourselves on delivering high end technical specification projects which are delivered by our professional team.

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