Retractable Awning Systems for Outdoor Dining

Jan 19, 2019 • Awning Worx
Retractable Roof System Restaurant AwningsBrisbane

Retractable Awning Systems for Outdoor Dining.

Designing an adaptable outdoor dining with retractable awnings just might be the point of difference to put you restaurant or hotel ahead of the crowd. Retractable Awning Systems are

In the competitive battle for supremacy in the dining industry restaurants and hotels need more than a great menu location and patron comfort and atmosphere play a contributing role. Not everyone can have the ocean views or be on a the 41st floor. It does matter where you are though sitting under the stars on a warm summer evening is always a winner.

Retractable Roof Systems give outdoor dining in the best weather and protection when the heat or rain would normally so play. Whether it is winter days, summer mornings and evenings a location which give the best dining comfort as well as food is going to   be a double winner and something people will talk about.

Awning Worx designs awnings and retractable roof systems for architects and designers who specialise in the hospitality industry. it can be a simple stand alone system of a highly customised system integrated into the overall building design.

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