Restaurant Awnings for increased profits

May 22, 2019 • Awning Worx
Retractable Roof System Restaurant AwningsBrisbane

Restaurant Awnings equals increased covers and profits

Restaurants with Opening Roof Systems give Maximum Dining Flexibility with these special Restaurant Awnings

Outdoor dining terraces are prime profitable space for restaurant. Having a roof open in warm weather give exceptional ventilation and Open Air Atmosphere. Cool comfortable dining in hot weather and warm cosey enclosed spaces when the weather closes in allows restaurants to maximise seating for regular dining or for functions.

The investment in an outdoor area with a retractable roof system, apart from creating a dynamic design feature, usually pays for itself within a year.

For Hotels, Pubs and Restaurants outdoor space is often the most sort after area for patrons to spend their time unfortunately closed roof areas are not as enticing and any bad weather puts outdoor space out of use in rain and forces patrons to be jammed into the rest of the establishment which generally results in a drop in restaurants and bar takings. Retractable Roof Systems provide the best of both worlds РOpen Air mingling when the conditions are great and weather protection when the rain comes down or when the temperature soars. These type of areas build the venues  reputation and fame as a place that can be relied on in all conditions and give owners more consistent business.

The Retractable Roof System is a highly stable weather protection system which can be quickly retracted when the weather changes. In wind it is highly stable and it is very easy to channel water away from the building or into guttering system when raining. The System is easy to integrate lighting into the structure and create your level of required ambiance.

We work with architects, builders and designers to create creative integration of design whether the surrounding structure is concrete, aluminium, steel, stone or Masonry. For Awning Worx it is important that there is clear communication throughout the design, planning, production and installation phases to ensure seamless delivery.

Retractable Roof System Restaurant AwningsBrisbane
Restaurant Awnings brisbane
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