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Residential Applications

Find out more about shading and all weather products below. Choose the right Residential Awnings systems for your home.
Residential Applications

Your Outdoor Space

At awning works we aim to provide the high quality Residential Awnings installations for our customers homes to enhance outdoor living areas. We strive to provide an unparalleled experience through the design, selection, commissioning and support of our awnings and blinds systems. Our range of Residential Retractable Awnings and blind systems can be customised to individual project requirements and we work closely with Home Owners, Architects and Builders. We are dedicated to delivering the best quality systems and shading solutions to compliment your home design.

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How to choose Awnings, Blinds or Louvres.

Learn more about Retractable Roof Systems, External Blinds or Louvre Roof Systems for your home.

The following section is designed to provide guidelines for selecting awnings, blinds and shading system for your home.

One of the fastest growing areas in residential construction centres around extending the outdoor living space. How can we feel that the inside is outside in our hot changing environment. How can the space we create be flexible in different weather conditions. It is nice to protect everything from the sun and rain but on winter days and in the evenings it is nice to have the sky above to be warmer or cooler. Other products can also assist in keeping our buildings cooler while reducing view and outlook and connection to the outdoor environment.

For this reason Awning Worx has developed a range of products which compliment building design and can extend the outdoor living spaces through the use of retractable blinds and awning systems. To make product understanding and selection easier we have put together a simple guide to understand how these exception products can enhance your home.

We have outline the different advantages and applications for each product in each different environment. When designing your outdoor covered areas you should consider the following important factors.

Weather Proofing – ability to discharge rain

Wind Rating – Ability to withstand wind

Space – compact or requiring more space

Aesthetics – how well in can integrate into design

Design Requirements – how much must the structure be altered to incorporate a pergola system

You can read more details on each of the different systems in the below summaries and click on the links provided to get more information on technical details of our systems or view recent installations by visiting our projects section. Hopefully this flow will give the you the fastest way to navigate to the information which you require to make an informed decision about your design.

Our Product Groups

View our awning product groups below our Click Here to go directly to our Products Page for detailed brochures and specifications


Folding Arm Awnings

Folding Arm Awnings are the light weight and streamlined solution to providing shade for your home. A folding arm awning can provide Fifty-Two square metres of shade in one awning. The counter levered design means, apart from strong fixing on the all or structure your are fixing to, you don’t require any support posts or additional structure. You can enjoy the shade when it is there and the awning disappears when you don’t need it.

It is important to note that the range of Folding Arm Awnings which Awning Worx provides is the most wind stable available on the market which is critical for safety and maximum use in the variable weather conditions we experience in Australia.

Our range of Folding Arm Awnings are constructed with patented spring tension systems and specialised die cast component to provide the systems with the highest wind rated system available.

The awnings are operated using a remote control which can be fully automated by sun and wind sensors and can have Smartphone and tablet connectivity.

The awnings come in over 60 fabric colours and patterns and made from heavy duty acrylic fabrics with waterproofing and UV resistant coating to withstand extreme changing weather conditions.

Awning Worx Products meet Australian Construction Standards to review these certifications follow the link on the Banner.

Brisbane Motorised Retractable Residential Awning Brisbane

Retractable Roof Systems

Awning Worx range of retractable roof system provide the maximum flexibility in outdoor areas. The ability to provide unrestricted large waterproof and wind stable covered areas is a huge benefit to outdoor use.

Outdoor living is a high priority for many people in Australia. Retractable roof systems capitalise on the being outdoor all year round and experiencing the weather how you like it. Stop the heat when sun is blasting; enjoy the open air entertaining in the cooler evenings with the sky above; Close the roof anytime the rain comes down!

Retractable Roof Awnings have the flexibility to be stand alone systems or to fit and integrate into new and existing buildings. Our team specialises in the design and integration of our systems into any project.

Our awnings system are only systems compliant and manufactured to Australian and New Zealand Construction Standards. Were necessary we draft and design any additional works to integrate the retractable roof into your design.

Retractable Roof System Residential AwningsBrisbane

External Motorised Blinds

Modern building design has pushed for big open space and with it more glass. External Fabric Blinds are one of the most streamlined and effective ways to keep a home cool and stop light and heat coming through windows. Awning Worx offer a wide range of outdoor sun control systems to reduce heat on any external façade.

Awning Worx External Blinds Systems are designed provide variable sun and heat protection and stop excessive heat build up in a building..

The external blinds systems allow you to keep your indoor areas as open as possible while keeping the room cool and light.

External fabrics come in a wide range of colours, are UV stable and have anti-static technology for easy cleaning.

External fabric screens can be manually or motorised and come with quality guarantees and performance warranties.

external blinds brisbane Residential Awnings

External Venetian Blinds

External Venetian Blinds are one of the most flexible and functional window and facade shading options available. Our advanced external blinds and Venetian Blinds systems provide optimal heat protection and light control with slats filtering in natural light and sunlight whilst minimising building energy gain and eliminating glare.

The elegant slats can be set to any position by raising, lowering and tilting to allow room temperature and light level to be perfectly matched to user requirements. When fully retracted system provides a completely unobstructed view. Venetian Blinds offer multiple design features to integrate into your building design.

Featuring a range of blade sizes 60mm – 90mm either curved and flat slats with special baked enamel finish. Rolled edge systems provide stability/anti vibration, our external Venetians fit any external façade and come in a range of Powdercoat colours and can be controlled by wall mounted switches or remote controls or automated building management systems.

External Venetian Blind Motorised shade Residential Awnings

Conservatory Awnings

Conservatory Awnings offer one of the most robust and streamlined options over glass roofs or outdoor pergolas. Conservatory Awnings offer the best protection over glass skylights, Glass and timber pergolas.

The Varioscreen sun shade system is a specialised fabric tension system. The Varioscreen conservatory awning system is slimline and compact to give a clean lightweight appearance when extend and hidden when retracted. Simple motorised remote control and weather sensors to protect your awning when you are not at home.

A wide selection of colours allow you to integrate the system to your home or business.

Conservatory Awnings

Louvre Roof Pergolas

Louvre Roof Pergolas provide on of the most flexible solutions to keep the weather under control. Opening Louvres to allow the hot air rise. Retractable options to dine under the stars. And fully waterproof to keep out even the harshest of rain storms.

Motorised Louvre pergola roof

All Products

Go to our Products page to review all our retractable awning systems in one place.

Awning Retractable Roof System Awning Brisbane
Design and Installation Process

The way we work

Send us your details and we can get in touch to discuss the scope and design of your project and give you some budget options.
Based on your ideas and feedback we will put together some concepts which refine your design aspirations and match exactly what you are after.
Moving forward with the project we draft drawings and 3D renders for you to sign off on so everyone is on the same page and know what the final result will be.
Depending on the complexity of the project we will give your engineer the details they need or can have our engineer do it as well. Our systems are pre-engineered to Australian Standard so it is not often that you need additional engineering.
Awning Worx works with the reliable local and international manufacturers so we can deliver on specification and on time.
Experienced planning, design, project management and installation means that your project goes smoothly until the end. We like to finish our projects to the highest possible detail right down to the final clean.

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