Brisbane penthouse awning

Brisbane Penthouse Retractable Roof

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Brisbane Penthouse Retractable Awnings

Brisbane Penthouse Retractable Roof give back the use of the outdoor space to our client.

Brisbane Penthouse Gets a Functional Design Upgrade which made a virtually unused terrace the primary living space with heat and weather protection. But still with the possibility to roll it back in the cool of the evening or in winter to enjoy the open air or sunshine.

This Brisbane Residence had a spectacular penthouse but was often unusable due to rain or the extreme Queensland heat. Awning Worx designed a HS12 retractable Roof System which provides 100 percent UV Sun Protection and can handle the Tropic Brisbane Rain. Penthouses are also exposed to high winds for the this reason the HS12 can withstand winds over 100kph. In the cooler months having the roof closed also stops the cold air from descending on to the penthouse deck extending the night time use of the deck as well.

Awning Worx also organises the logistics for projects like this where the systems can’t simply be carried up the stairs. The awnings were lifted by crane from the street and up to the 5th floor.

As with all our projects we worked through the design with our customer so matched the design of their terrace.

Brisbane penthouse awning
Brisbane penthouse awning
Retractable Roof System Awning Brisbane


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