HMX 130 External Blinds

External Blinds Control Heat and Glare so you can cool buildings naturally.
External Blinds
external motorised blinds
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External Blinds

HMX 130 External Blind

For smaller windows HMX 130 Blinds provide excellent solar protection. Built with corrosion resistant aluminium and stainless steel components which give longevity and durability. Combined with advanced fabric screen and reduce the heat the building. This simple design means minimal moving parts and combine with connected weather stations for safe damage free operation in changing conditions. Talk to our team today to see how these systems can be integrated into your design and reduce your energy costs.

External blinds
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HMX 130 External Blinds

The HMX 130 provides wide spanning solar protection for windows, doors and balconies. The retractable fabric come in different levels of block out to control the heat to your specifications. Compact and slimline it can easier blend into its surrounds.

Size Specification
HMX 130 External Blinds can span 6 metres wide by 4m metres drop
Weather Protection
When fitted against the window these blinds can work in up to 40kph winds with the protection of a wind sensor.
Frame Colour Selection
Choose from the full Dulux or Interpon Powdercoating Ranges plus updgrade to extra protection for special environments.
Fabric Colours
Choose from our extensive range of all weather screen fabrics. Select the level of blockout or openess to suit your projects decor.
Wind Stability
Able to withstand winds of up to 40 kph in the down position.
Drive your awnings with hand held remote controls. For wind protection install your awnings with an automated wind sensor to retract your awning in high winds
External tensioned screens andblinds
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Retractable Roof System Awning Brisbane
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