External Venetian Blinds

The ultimate shading solution for Solar control in buildings. The tilting and retracting slats allow for precise light and heat control. Whether it is one blind or 1000 the blinds can be controlled to track and react to the sun’s movement so the building temperature is always optimised. This allows building occupants to feel comfortable at all times of the day and have their view as open as possible so they dont lose connection to the outside world. Numerous well being studies have shown that natural light is extremely important for home comfort and good working environments. For this reason retractable venetian blinds are one of the most popular solutions available. External Venetian blinds are available in a number of different blade types depending on the solution and opening type. Whether a wind stable solution is required or a more compact version of the blinds is required Awning Worx can assist in designing the system into your building. Awning Worx specialises in the design of solar control systems for large and small buildings to help reduce the effects of solar gain and the greenhouse effect on buildings.  This can result in internal heat reductions of over 20% in some buildings. This in turn can dramatically reduce air conditioning costs.  
External Venetian Blinds
External Venetian Blind Motorised shade Residential Awnings
External venetian blinds for sun control
external venetian blinds
external blind
External Venetian Blinds

External Venetian Blind Range

Model name: External Venetian Blinds

Maximum size: 5m wide / 5m drop

Cassette Box dimension: 143mm wide x Stack Height Variable

Blade Types: (C) Curved/ (Z) Z-Shaped / (F) Flat Shaped / (T) T Shaped

Guides: Standard guides / Stainless Steel Cable

External venetian blinds for sun control


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