Outstanding Retractable Awning at the Burleigh Pavilion

Aug 01, 2020 • Awning Worx
Retractable Awnings Gold Coast

Burleigh Pavilion Renovation Opens Up their outdoor area with large Retractable Awning.

The refurbishment and restoration of the Burleigh Pavilion has turned a run down local icon and returned it to a premier entertainment and social venue. For Australian restaurants, pubs and clubs staying ahead of the curve is critical to maintaining existing clients and generating  new ones. The perfect dining and socialising space works in harmony with the food and beverage menu. A waterproof awning can give coverage all year round.

Retractable Systems enhance the flexibility during the day to keep heat off during the day and create cool opening air venues at night. Beachside locations offer the best in panoramic views and cool breezes at the best of times but also offer protection in rain and windy conditions.

Awnings Worx designs systems like this one at Burleigh Pavilion to integrate with the overall design intent of the architects and builders. The result is retractable systems which do not detract from the design and at function to the outdoor space.

This type of high end engineered retractable solution is what Awning Worx’s specialises in. From Concept through planning to installation and commissioning. Awning Worx works closely with designers, builders and engineers to create shade solutions which have outstanding design as well as function.

Hospitality clients like restaurants, pubs and clubs should calculate the increase in customers and profits by have large areas covered by a flexible retractable roof system.

Motorised Retractable Roof Systems are a great solution for building managers, architects and Building Contractors looking for way to cover large terraces and public precincts when they don’t want to add a lot of additional construction to the area. If you are looking for system which provide waterproof weather protection you can look at Awning Worx’ retractable Roof System or our Fabric Tension Systems (FTS System). A lighter framing option is a Awning Worx Folding Arm Awning.

Retractable Roof Systems come in many different specifications and we have delivered them on apartments; houses; Hotels; Pub and Clubs; Major Sporting Venues and Stadiums; and even high-end Boats and Yachts.

Awning Worx are a supplier of Custom Shading Solutions so each project is viewed as unique and the most suitable custom designs are presented to our clients. We pride ourselves on delivering high end technical specification projects which are delivered by our professional team.

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