Opening Roofs – Outdoor Areas Are Good Business

Nov 22, 2018 • Awning Worx

Opening Roofs – Creative Outdoor Areas Are Becoming Good Business

Installation of opening roofs for creating a better working life for office workers.

As part of this Brisbane Sky Garden Project Awning Worx installed a 13 metre by 10 metre retractable opening roof system.

Forward thinking Companies and Building Owners are looking for ways to enhance the working environment for building occupants and employees. Breakout areas and alternative work spaces are one of ways Businesses can enhance employee satisfaction and improve company culture.

Areas where employees can meet, relax or work quietly in a different space can enhance the work experience.

Awning Worx works offers a number of options which businesses can change unused outdoor areas into creative spaces for meetings, workspaces or lunch areas. Options can range from sun shades through to fully enclosed outdoor rooms.

For more information about the project from this article about THE PROJECT and MODE ARCHITECTS

Opening Roofs
madame wu restaurant brisbane awnings retractable
Retractable Roof System Awning Brisbane Opening Roofs
Retractable Roof System Awning Brisbane
Opening Roofs retractable awnings
Retractable Roof System Awning Brisbane
Opening Roofs