Commercial Awnings for Pubs, Clubs and Restaurants

Sep 04, 2020 • Awning Worx
Commercial Awnings retractable roof system brisbane

Commercial Awnings for Outdoor venues are the smart solution for clients and profits

Commercial Awnings could be the answer.

People in seats is the primary goal for restaurateurs, pub club and cafe owners, always, and now after the COVID 19 lockdowns and slowdown it is even more important. It is critical for these venues to get their customers back to their normal outdoor drinking and dining habits. Social distancing is going to be with us for a while yet and the public feel more comfortable being outside rather than inside. Outdoor seating was always popular but this popularity might increase and the venues that can offer it might have an advantage in the coming year or so.

The return to business around the world has show in places like Europe that governments have limited number of customers indoors but have been more free with outdoor seating.

For these reasons there has been a improvement in business for commercial awnings, outdoor retractable awning and roof suppliers who are fill the needs of hospitality venues who want to make sure they can win back their customers. It also has the added benefit that although outdoor spaces can be more COVID 19 friendly these spaces now have improved flexible protection from sun and rain all year round.

Large venues like Howard Smith Wharfs had already put this in place and are reaping the benefits now as customers return.

Enticing new customers in and keeping them has never been more critical than it is now for venues so many our now going on the offensive after being on the defence for the last 6 months.

Awning Worx designs and supplies and installs retractable awnings solutions around Australia and the Pacific.

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