Commercial Drop Arm Awnings

drop arm awnings brisbane

Add Design Aesthetic to your building with Drop Arm Awnings

Commercial Drop Arm Awnings are unique systems which crosses over between folding arm awnings and external blinds is a Drop Arm Awning. Smaller and more compact than a folding arm awning but able to extend out from the building with its extendable arm the drop arm awning give many advantage.

Commercial Drop Arm Awnings have a flexible design for shade, light and ventilation

The drop arm awning gives shade and due to it extension away from the building it can easily allow great airflow so as to assist in maintaining a comfortable temperature in a building. The sturdy spring loaded arms are able to ensure the system is very strong in the wind and can handle rain as well.

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Highly suitable for shop fronts and cafes for some added sun and rain protection as well as adding some authentic shape and eye catching design to any retail outlet.

The Drop Arm awnings can easily be added to a motorised system which will ensure the systems are retracted at night or when the sun is not on the building. A wind sensor will protect the awnings from high winds and automatically retractable them.

drop arm awnings brisbane

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